Avenue Interviews Aime Janelle, by Vic Stunts

Avenue Interviews Aime Janelle, by Vic Stunts

With this Avenue Interview we chose to get to know a young LA songstress named Aime Janelle. At only 18 years old she’s already garnering an abundance of attention from peers and fans alike. Her vocal talents are incredible, hitting high notes, the soft sensual ones and everything in between. She writes all her own music, raps, and does some modeling. However, what gets me really excited about her future is how her deep-rooted passion for music exudes into everything she does. She is all about positivity, making incredible music, taking chances, and being versatile all at the same time.

I wanted to get to know more about Aime so I spoke to her about, how she began making music, her musical influences, the time she was featured on Amber Rose’s Instagram, her recent project Positivity, her ideal future and more! Read below and follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud @AimeJanelle.


Vic Stunts: When did you first start recording music, what inspired you to take that action?

Aime Janelle: Well I’ve been singing since I was like seven but it wasn’t till my sophomore year in high school (2013) when I started recording my work. Once Fein For You with Big $wift took off, that’s when I took this whole music thing even more serious and decided to take things to the next level… which was creating my own EP (Positivity).

Vic: Yeah that was the first time I heard about you too, I was really impressed by your voice, but even more so by the hook you wrote. Where would you say your writing style comes from? And Which artists would you name as your biggest influences?

Aime: Thank you. 🙂 When I write I’m expressing what I feel and always try to incorporate a message with substance. There’s too much music that pollutes our youth and I want to be the artist that drops music that’s good for the soul. You know that music that you play when it’s a good day or if you’re having a bad day and you want to turn it into a good day, that’s what I want my work to be ya feel me. The artists I can say that have been most influential are Shakira, Nicole Scherzinger, Jhene Aiko, Kendrick, and Kanye.

Vic: It’s refreshing to hear you’re conveying a positive message for the youth in your music. And speaking of messages, I seen your picture on Amber Rose’s Instagram recently. What is your take on the slut walk she’s putting together and that whole movement?

Aime: Oh yeah! that was super exciting that Amber Rose had acknowledged the company I was modeling for and post a picture up of me! My friends and I were SUPER excited. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to be apart of this movement and stand up for something positive that deserves attention. Women are constantly facing victim blaming, sexual injustice, derogatory labeling, and gender inequality and its great to see women stand up together for each other. It bothers me that a lot of people are closed-minded to the point that Amber Rose is trying to get across and automatically insult the work she’s doing. In all reality its a beautiful cause and the fact that I got to be apart of it is awesome!

Vic: Is there any particular venue or festival that is a dream of yours to perform at, and is modeling something you’re also actively pursuing?

Aime: I would actually love to preform at coachella that would be so dope. I feel like it would be such good vibes.To answer your next question, I don’t consider myself a model but i do love photo shoots. If a company wanted to work with me I would totally take the opportunity. I’m open to anything :).

Vic: That’s dope, I respect it. Something I like is you’ve already shown an ability to be versatile and not just stick to one sound. Which songs do you enjoy making more however, suggestive upbeat records like Flavors or songs like Impatient?

Aime: Hmmm that’s actually a hard question to answer cause like you said since I’m versatile I enjoy recording both. But, if I had to pick my favorite it would probably be the more upbeat songs like It Will All Be Okay.

Vic: What can we expect from your next project? Any producers or artists you’re trying to work with?

Aime: Yes actually! I’ve been talking to some dope artists now like RobTwo, YOG$,Swift, League, Semothy Jones, and dopeSMOOTHIES it should be a really great album I can’t wait for the final product.

Vic: At this time next year, what do you expect or hope to have accomplished in your music career, and when you think about being successful in it what immediately comes to mind?

Aime: I hope to have jumped up several thousand followers and really get people on my music. I put my all into my music so to see the work pay off and have people vibe with me is my goal. Building up a larger team is where I’m headed. Whoever helps me through my journey whether it be hooking it up with connections, featured. on a track, or even the simplest thing which is support, you’re automatically on my team. You f*ck with me I f*ck with you straight up (lol).

The first thing that comes to mind is being able to wake up every morning knowing that I’m doing something I love and people vibe to my work. That’s real success right there.

Listen to Aime’s debut project Positivity and hit single Flavors below! 

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