Avenue Interviews Watson The OO by Vic Stunts

Avenue Interviews Watson The OO by Vic Stunts

Read below as we interview talented crooner and rising artist Watson The OO. In case you were wondering what the double o’s were for, it’s short for one and only, as in he’s the only one making hits like this, 10 foot deep records sounding like the vocals are coming from underwater abyss, only rising every so often to grasp your heart, mind and soul.

Vic Stunts conversed with Watson on the theme of his new project GRVITYPOOLS, his musical influences, what inspired him to begin recording music, his first song, and his records with fellow rising artist LA artist Doja Cat. 



Vic Stunts: Where does the title for your project GRVITYPOOLS come from? Is it a play on words of Gravity pulls?

Watson: I chose GRVITYPOOLS mainly, to focus on being torn between to believe in falling in love and being with someone, or doing you and only taking care of yourself and I’m basically drowning in these to feelings, hence the double meaning of pools.

Vic Stunts: Do you feel like being a musician who sings about love creates this conundrum in which you aren’t able to actually spend a lot of time loving someone, because you’re in the studio singing about loving them? Is that what you’re alluding to by saying you’re torn and drowning in feelings?

Watson: No and yes. I feel like you can easily get lost in your work trying to perfect something, but it doesn’t stop you from loving said person. But I did feel torn between two lifestyles, young single life and being with someone who loves you. If you love someone you make time and even if that time isn’t long, it’s appreciated.

Vic Stunts: Which past or current artists would you consider as musical influences on your sound?

Watson: Andre 3000, Kanye and Kid Cudi.

Vic Stunts: If you had to name only one overall favorite album of Kanye’s, Andre 3000’s or Kid Cudi’s which would it be?

Watson: 808s and Heartbreaks.

Vic Stunts: Can you recall a moment that made you choose to pursue music seriously?

Watson: When my friend Chris Brackett was freestyling, I thought it was the most beautiful form of art to be able to speak, and think so quick on the spot.

Vic Stunts: That’s really interesting, one chance inspiration eventually spawned a career for you. What was the title of your first song? and do you remember what it was about?

Watson: It was was called Playground Rejects I made it in 9th grade (lmao). It was about nothing, I don’t remember how it goes (lol).

Vic Stunts: Haha that’s dope though, I always think about how every great musician starts off by creating a bad song, or a song about nothing. Which record or records would you say really made you proud of your ability to create songs?

Watson: Grvity pools and this new project I’m working on. 

Vic Stunts: What is your favorite song from Grvity Pools?

Watson: My favorite song is “Leave Me”. 

Vic Stunts: What was it like working with Doja Cat? How did you two link?

Watson: She’s a great person to work with really talented and linked up through Twitter. 

Vic Stunts: In the next year, what do you plan on accomplishing?

Watson: I would like to accomplish everything that there possibly is in this music business. 

Play GRVITY POOLS below!


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