OverDoz “Why We Never Leave The Ghetto”

OverDoz “Why We Never Leave The Ghetto”

Fam, OverDoz featuring Terrace Martin and Fredwreck production?!?! It’s hard to explain how insanely dope this song is without sounding like I’m bugging. However, I’ll try, this record sounds like if Tha Dogg Pound ran into Tha Eastidaz at a gangsta party in 1999, seen DJ Battlecat, Fredwreck and a young Terrace Martin playing saxophone in the back, signaled them over, they all hopped in the Chevy Suburban 8-seater on 20’s, then went to a studio in South Central and seen some young kids outside singing and rapping named OverDoz, blessed them with the beat they were about to record on, and gave them the ability to make an incredibly fire record 16 years later. And you wonder Why We Never Leave The Ghetto.

Rosecrans Vic

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