Mat Randol: The Path of Alignment (Episode 1 & 2)

Mat Randol: The Path of Alignment (Episode 1 & 2)

This year has been quite the adventure for Portland artist, Mat Randol. Though having been hustling his way through the industry for some time, 2015 can easily be deemed the most promised thus far. With the success of his Heaven in Stereo produced track, “I’ll Let You W(in)”, becoming an Official A3C Performer, locking in a slot on the Official A3C Compilation Album, announcing his first official EP, “Alignment“, and throwing a packed listening session in his hometown, Mat has managed to keep the momentum going without ever having to release a mass amount of mixtapes or oversaturate your news feeds.

Most recently, Mat has unveiled his new mini-doc series, “The Path of Alignment” – an insightful look at the beginning of Mat’s career into present day. “The Path of Alignment” is in conjunction with the release of the official release of the EP which will be dropping after episode 5 (you do the math). Get caught up on Episode 1 and 2 where you get a first listen to some of the tracks off the project, witness the transition from cell phone footage in Mat’s hometown to actual camera footage, meet the crew, join him on his trip to Los Angeles, and more.

Episode 3 drops today, October 5th at 2pm PST!


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