The Game presents “On Me” & “Don’t Trip”

The Game presents “On Me” & “Don’t Trip”

With the leaks of The Documentary dripping across the internet, the Compton don The Game may need some of that water to put out that fire. “On Me” is a banger accompanied by Kendrick Lamar’s dope bars with Kanye West‘s iconic production game, sampling an Erykah Badu cut. However, since The Game is a raw, rugged street dude, he flips the once soulful “on and on” and turns on to a whole other level. “Don’t Trip” seems like a long-lost Compton track with the legendary Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, followed by While “On Me” is some heat, “Don’t Trip” really shows off the gangsta rap legends’ skills and reminds us that street hip-hop is still alive and well.

Listen to “On Me” here and “Don’t Trip” here.

The west is back.

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