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“Triquetra” by 3rd Ave

3rd Ave has released his highly anticipated debut project Triquetra. The Unit 90 emcee really outdid himself with this tape. Triquetra is a complete, cohesive body of work with vivid stories, ill bangers and one track that sounds like a high stakes action movie.

There’s a few tracks that instantly grabbed my attention with the first listen, like UOWANNA, Black, Candyman, Breeze and Street Callz, but the whole tape is a great listen all the way through. This is a completely john blaze project, with supremely great production from 3rd Ave himself, DJ Blok, Protoge Beatz, Clyde Strokes and Sal Treze the fuckin’ genius.

Play below, follow him on Twitter @3rdAv3 and if you’re in LA come out to his show in Downey at the Stay Gallery October 17th.

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One comment on ““Triquetra” by 3rd Ave

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