JiMMY B “VANZ” Music Video

JiMMY B “VANZ” Music Video

It’s always appreciated when new music floods my email. Especially when it’s dope music like that of Toronto rapper, JiMMY B.

After doing some digging into the archives, I came across past bangers that flew over my head like “Warning Shot“, “Toronto State of Mind“, and my new favorite from the Canadian, “Scarborough.” Today we have the opportunity to provide the introduction to those who may be unfamiliar by presenting JiMMY’s latest video, “Vanz” – an ode to his favorite sneaker.

“This record was made as an ode to my favorite pair of sneakers. I love Vanz and everything they represent. But Vanz could be replaced for anything anyone holds dear. Whether it be your first car, first chain, first paycheque or whatever I just want people to feel like their the god damn man when they hear this record.” – JiMMY B

You can also stream JiMMY’s project, “Prince Of The ‘Borough: Ch. 1 – The BRiCKZ” HERE and let us know if you’re fucking with it.

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