Phora “God’s Plan” Music Video

Phora “God’s Plan” Music Video

Phora is back with his latest visual for his record titled God’s Plan. After narrowly missing death only two weeks ago when he was shot in the neck while traveling on the 210 Freeway in Pasadena, Phora chose to depict this situation in his video and explain the whole ordeal. To some, it would seem a little soon to do that, seeing his wounds have literally not yet healed, but to Phora like many other artist releasing this is his therapy.

It’s crazy to watch this, they did such a good job of recreating his near death experience you feel like you were there. He then concludes with the video with the memorable quote, “Legends never die, You can kill me but that will only mean I live forever“. I know Angels With Broken Wings is about to be fire.

AWBW October 11th. Watch below.

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