Jay Rock’s 90059 Documentary

Jay Rock’s 90059 Documentary

90059. Five numbers that to the simplified mind might just seem like a zip code. When in reality, it’s more than that. “90059” signifies struggle, survival, family, growth, and most importantly, home to Watts native and TDE’s first signee, Jay Rock.

The gutter’s in his blood, and knows he came from the dirt. Yet he’s still able to step up in the place with not a stain on his shirt. Haters want to talk, trying to work his nerves, but Jay Rock’s paid them no mind, he just hits them where it hurts. If you recognized the excerpts used for the intro of this paragraph, it’s without a doubt that you’ve been actively following the TDE OG and big brother to Kendrick, Soul-O, Q, Isaiah and SZA. No stranger to the game and no stranger to the streets, Jay Rock is ready to give hip hop appreciators what they’ve been anticipating – his new album, “90059.”

Not falling victim to the fabricated opinions of the media, “90059” proves that Rock strays far from any “shadows” and remains confident in himself as an artist, lyricist, and voice for his hometown of Watts, California. Proving that this album goes deeper than sales, blog posts, entertainment etiquette and facades, is the latest installment of the Aplus Filmz mini doc series, “Aplus Docs.” Watch as the crew that’s been riding with TDE since Rock’s “Dollars Make Sense”, walks us through the mind of the 112th Street child as he mentally prepares for his September 11th release. Together we visit the free Christmas Concert at Nickerson Gardens, the Dew Tour, New York and Los Angeles listening sessions, private recording sessions and even a never before seen midnight freestyle with K. Dot.

What’s been constantly deemed ‘a long time coming’, “90059” is undoubtedly a piece of art and realism that should be applauded for not being rushed as it is hands down, one of the most anticipated albums to make it’s way out of the TDE camp this year.
– Marina Moreno

“90059 Doc: Jay Rock”

[Available: Digital 09/11/15 – Physical 09/18/15]


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Directed / Produced by: APLUS

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