AV’s “Compton 2 Riches” Mixtape

AV’s “Compton 2 Riches” Mixtape

What seems to be a sequel to last year’s Compton, the hub city representative known as AV hit us with Compton 2 Riches, a mixtape full of bangers with tales of the street life. Opening with “Me Myself“, a track featuring his own Mama, AV lets us know he isn’t one to be fucked with. “Cuete” and “Hell Yea” give us a drop-top, summertime-in-the-West coast-vibe without losing that street credibility. However, he also provides us with a fare share of party tracks, including “Twerk“, “In the Club“, “Money Dance” and  “6 in the Mornin’“, ready for the club. There’s also a great amount of skits, but my favorite was the Straight Outta Compton clip, “Bye Felisha“. This mixtape makes me want to go down Long Beach Blvd for Bludso’s or down Rosecrans for Louis Burgers. Being a longtime AV fan, I can safely say the return of Compton is here.

Listen below and let us know what you think!
–Fatima Baqi


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