Horseshoe Gang & Crooked I’S “Half a Meal”

Horseshoe Gang & Crooked I’S “Half a Meal”

If you’re not familiar with Funk Volume’s recent challenge to go against any rapper for $500k, get familiar with the first contenders, and maybe the craziest, Horseshoe Gang with Long Beach’s Crooked I. “If you wanna battle instead, let’s get it poppin/We’ll kill anybody who hip-hop sends/we’ll murder anybody, it don’t matter who hops in” which is a clear at the one and only Hopsin of FV, who’s notorious and claim to fame is dissing other people. The Horseshoe Gang has been doing this hard, raw lyricism thing for a long time, so of course I have to give it to them versus the childish rapper that is Hopsin.

Listen to it here and you’ll understand why our laptops are on fire:

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