Phora Reportedly Shot Last Night in Pasadena

Phora Reportedly Shot Last Night in Pasadena

According to KTLA 5 a male victim has been hospitalized after a shooting on the 210 Freeway in Pasadena last night. According to social media, that man was Orange County emcee Phora. He was reportedly shot in the neck by someone in a Silver Infiniti. I know this doesn’t sound like the strongest source, but Twitter and Instagram have been going crazy since last night multiple people around Phora (including his brand YT Clothing’s official Twitter) have posted a picture of him laying in a hospital bed with a gauze pad on the back of his neck asking for prayers of a speedy recovery. No official word on his condition has been reported yet. Continue here for updates on this unfortunate incident.

It’s disheartening for an emcee who does his best to be a positive influence on kids everywhere to be hated so much that someone would want to end his life. Prayers up for Phora. -Vic Stunts


Phora has posted a picture on his Instagram stating he is okay, but shaken up from the near death experience. calling it “one of the scariest nights of my life“. He also states he must have a guardian angel looking over him because the bullet narrowly missed hitting his spinal chord which would have caused either instant death or permanent paralysis.

***2nd Update***
KTLA caught up with Phora for his first on camera interview since the incident and reported that he has left the hospital because he didn’t feel safe. The rapper has also stated via his instagram he will still perform tomorrow at his show in Long Beach.

Watch below.

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