Dar$e Louie “LSD 2” Mixtape

Dar$e Louie “LSD 2” Mixtape

Bellflower artist Dar$e Louie has released a very quality body of work with his latest mixtape “LSD 2“. This 12 track project is tough as nails with bars to match. The first track “Pharoahs Don’t Die” will leave you feeling like an ancient Pharoah hopped up out his tomb, turned his swag on and punched you in the gut with his mummy fists, it’s that crazy. Throughout this stellar tape Louie’s flow is somewhere in between a young Pusha T and an old King Tut on Orange Juice (or Cactus Cooler) and lean, yes he’s as dope as that sounds. The content ranges from braggadocios battle raps, to be wary about women raps, to witty raps about vending and consuming drugs, to whole songs about depression.

Mike Xanax and laneocinco  handle the majority of the production on LSD 2 (and do a great job) but other stand out contributions are made from Hello Terry and Fajardo. It’s a great listen, with endless bars, entertaining perspective, static flows and interesting interludes to tie it all in together.

Listen below!

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