Sam Hill “Die In The Hype” Mixtape

Sam Hill “Die In The Hype” Mixtape

Sam Hill, Die in The Hype is fire. The Whittier emcee formed a colorful, cohesive piece of art, corresponding with his artwork of Alpha Fridge Magnets reading Die In The Hype.

Any time DITH is tweeted it is deserving of a plethora of flame emojis following it. The project is very dope, really sonically daring, not just boom-bap shit or trying to outrap everyone. DITH is filled with good music, production and melody seems paramount to Sam and it is displayed throughout the tape. But don’t sleep on the ill rhymes and sometimes even heartfelt bars that Sam spews. If you’re like me you will enjoy Die In The Hype until the last 6 songs, then you’ll fuckin’ love it.

Listen below and follow him on Twitter @HillSVM

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