Roc$tedy x Tim West’s “Double Header 2”

Roc$tedy x Tim West’s “Double Header 2”

You know a song is going to be fire when one of the opening lines is “A Native from Long Beach, you know the city raised me/i’m a mental toilet, & all my shit is crazy“! If you’re not familiar with Crooked I‘s COB movement, I advise you to get familiar, because there is some straight FIRE coming from the collective lately from Long Beach’s own Roc$tedy & Tim West. We know and trust Crooked, so it is no surprised that they have his blessing. A sequel to the track on Tim’s 2011 This is Music mixtape, the two might think you were locked up bringing that many bars they bring to the table. Never ceasing to amaze, if this is what’s next for Long Beach, I’m all ears.–Fatima Baqi

Listen to it here & let us know what you think:

Tim West on instagram: @TimWest562
Roc$tedy on instagram: @krocsteady

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