Jay Rock – “90059” ft. Lance Skiiiwalker

Jay Rock – “90059” ft. Lance Skiiiwalker

This week has just been owned by the West Coast, hasn’t it? And to add to it, yes. The new Jay Rock album is coming soon. And this track is just another look into his upcoming project. “90059“, which is an area code in Los Angeles (and also includes a bit of Rosecrans Avenue by the way), is Rock’s fifth single so far off this new album. The song can be considered a look into how life was growing up in that area code, with lines such as “The stench from the smoke could smell so ferocious” and “EBT, zero balance, worthless. You either leave in limousines or them hearses” that paint a vivid picture of what kind of environment Jay Rock had to grow up in. Check out the track below.


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