Wanna Know How RosecransAve Reacts to Meek Mill’s Drake Diss ?

Wanna Know How RosecransAve Reacts to Meek Mill’s Drake Diss ?

By now I’m sure everyone has heard Meek Mill’s diss to Drake “Wanna Know” and I’m sure people have seen the countless memes and tweets saying Meek’s response to Drake was mediocre, weak, disappointing, trash, and everything in between. We wanted to share with all of you RosecransAve’s reactions to this diss track.

Vic Stunts: I felt like this record wasn’t enough. After getting hit with a two piece, Meek was supposed to light up Drake’s whole shit. Unfortunately, it sounded more like a forced response from someone who already felt defeated. Meek delivery sounded like he was off a pint of Actavis, he lacked the tenacity and ferociousness we all expected from him.

The whole song structure was odd as well. He included a snippet of Quentin Miller’s version of “Know Yourself”, one of the supposed reference tracks Funk Flex and Meek have been bragging about having. But how do we know that was a reference track and not an earlier version of Know Yourself with Quentin on the hook instead of Drake? Who really knows. But I guess we all now know from various sources that Drake got pissed on. Way to go Meek, you really hit him hard. I got you a cake as a congratulations.



Jay Lopez: Lyrically, I think Meek got in some pretty good lines (the Puffy line got me good) and putting in a sample of the Quentin Miller’s reference track was ruthless. But then there were other lines that didn’t seem like direct hits, as if Meek was trying to fire shots at Drake but was aiming all over the place. On top of that, the track sonically sounded all out of whack. Meek should’ve got tips from Drake and gotten someone else to write his shit for him, Nicki would’ve written some better bars for him.

Fatima: Honestly, all joke aside, I was actually excited that Meek used all of that energy directed towards Drake in the music. While I did think that Drizzy’s disses were better (and even Safaree’s lol), Meek did an okay job and I’m not really a fan of his. I just think he should take a more mature approach if he chooses to diss him again, because photoshopped pictures of Drake for his single cover is childish.

Scoresayze simply stated; Meek is the new Ja Rule.

Now that you know how we feel, we wanna know how you feel. Comment below!

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