Safaree’s “Lifeline (Meek Mill Diss)”

Safaree’s “Lifeline (Meek Mill Diss)”

As Twitter had an explosive last week in terms of hip-hop beef (and Meek Mill’s mouth that turned into hilarious memes), one unlikely prospect has spoken–Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend, Safaree (Samuels). While the entire situation is humorous in a sense, there is no denying that he actually has bars (and sounds like Royce da 5’9, sup, Slaughterhouse?). At one point in the track, I almost felt like Nicki is either HEAVILY INFLUENCED by Samuels, or maybe, she herself has a ghostwriter (again, refer to Meek Mill’s accusations on Drake having one). Curiosity brought me to the track, but the outrageous amount of in-your-face punchlines had me stay. This is one of my favorite disses I’ve heard in a while. Now we wait for Meek Mill’s…or another twitter rant.
-Fatima Baqi
Listen to it here:

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