Phora “What If” Video

Phora “What If” Video

Phora has released his new record and video titled “What If“. As usual, Phora used his platform to send a message to our youth in the form of this video. What If is incredibly deep and moving, it shows multiple scenarios and asks the never-ending question, what if. This shows him feeding and conversing with a homeless man, being a humble human being. Then later in the visual, in his what if he gets rich scenario, Phora dresses up like a typical rapper (read: Tyga), equipped with a bucket hat and multiple gold chains as he loses his way and humility. And after that you see what if Phora never became a rapper and followed the wrong path he was paving for himself and having a 9 tucked in his waist. It’s a dope, thoughtful video as nearly every Phora and George Orozco visual is.

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