Big $wift “Xanax Rap” EP

Big $wift “Xanax Rap” EP

Big $wift has dropped his much anticipated Xanax Rap EP. This project is documenting his thoughts, hopes, dreams and realities from the past year. As Swift explains it, “I know what I’m rapping about isn’t uplifting I’m not even trying to fool myself or the listeners, this is not my happy, content, rational side. I promote drug use for myself, not for anyone else. Xanax rap reveals my anxiety and fear of devoting all your time/energy/money into one thing, my music. My brain has been everywhere for the last year of my life after high school. I felt like this had to be told, listening from my first mixtape I drop hints of dealing (drugs) and other things but in this I go into the detail of that.” So to sum it all up, whether it’s in his raps, or in the traps, no matter if it’s in the streets or on the beats, $wift has BARS and he’s serving everybody.

The tape features very solid production from local beat-smiths Sal Treze, Gunnamane600, and 1Vannone.

Listen below.


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