Day: July 21, 2015

Two Time x KD “Ghost”

Two Time and KD link up yet again to slay another beat BYANYMEANS. I italicized that because BYANYMEANS is the name of the producer of the beat, my word play is too real, I know. Back to the record, the two…

Love at First Sound “AURDA”

Las Vegas artist Love at First Sound has released his new project titled AUDRA. This is an incredibly dope and deep collection of music strung together by voicemail-interludes from his sister Audra, allah the title of the project. Listen below!

DJ Quik’s “Puffin’ the Dragon”

The third video off of his “Midnight Life” album, DJ Quik leads us on a trip–to Las Vegas. Heavily influenced by the classic movie Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas with a Compton twist , the video follows Quik along with…