Zuse x Post Malone “On God”

Zuse x Post Malone “On God”

Atlanta emcee Zuse links with Post Malone for this new record titled “On God“. Zuse is milking the game and he wants all the leche, Zuse also points out he is the jefe, which means boss in spanish. It’s cool how he can rhyme in spanish, with a reggae flow featuring a young American legend on his song, he’s damn near tri-lingual, very impressive.

Wait a minute, I posted a different version of this song about two months ago. The original was a song uploaded by Dallas emcee Bryce Hankins and it featured a very fire verse from Post.

This version is very dope as well, but it removed Post’s verse. I’m also very intrigued on why they redid this record and took the original artist off the song. Who knows, some people claim cucumbers taste better pickled.

Listen to both below and comment on which you think is more flames.

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