Kendrick Lamar’s Signature Shoe Video

Kendrick Lamar’s Signature Shoe Video

Kendrick Lamar released new exclusive shoes with Reebok today, and if you missed out on them, I feel bad for you son. (Don’t worry, I lagged on buying them too.) Kendrick has been preaching the message of unity for a while now, but even more so with these shoes, which each have “Blue” and “Red” written on the left and right shoe respectively. Along with the release of the shoes, TDE released a video today of G Weed (Crip) and Jigga (Blood) together, talking about how they each grew up in Compton and how they found themselves in their respective gangs. Jigga says that “the message is just a whole lot of peace and unity. It’s a unity thing. We’re taking steps together.” Hopefully Kendrick’s unity message can come true. Watch the video below.

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