YG “Twist My Fingaz”

YG “Twist My Fingaz”

Twist My Fingaz is fuckin fire. YG is back like he never left with this heater produced by Terrace Martin. This is the first leak of Still Krazy and after the klassic My Krazy Life album he delivered last year, we have no reason to not be ecstatic for the sequel.

This record is really on some 1997-1999 Dogg Pound/Westside Connection shit, it’s so west-coast it made me remember that was the original west-coast sound before it changed when The Game showed up on the scene, then changing again when YG came out. Speaking of Game and Kendrick and other Dr. Dre proteges, YG boasted that he is the only artist to make it out of the west without any help or co-sign from Dre, woooo that shit was cold. He also pointed his twisted fingaz at fake bloods always banging in the club, but never in the hood. Pure facts and fire.

Listen below.

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