Flashback Friday: Jet Age Of Tomorrow “Lunchbox” ft Vince Staples

Flashback Friday: Jet Age Of Tomorrow “Lunchbox” ft Vince Staples


That is a tweet I sent out June 6th, 2011 after downloading The Jet Age of Tomorrow’s Journey to the 5th Echelon and listening to Lunchbox featuring a very young and raw Vince Staples.

Vince was up first and proceeded to hit a game-winning, lead off grand-slam-dunk. I’ve honestly never heard the 2nd verse, it’s a walk off, I just play Vince’s verse over and over again. It was LITerally the dopest 16 I have ever heard from start to finish. Like does anyone remember what Jay Electronica said on Control after Kendrick? No, because it doesn’t fuckin’ matter, song was over. 

For crying out loud, the first lines are “Good morning, say hello to the asshole, I guess I must have smoked all the crack that my Dad sold” just fucking wow. At 16 years old, he had the gumption to reveal his father sold crack in a satirical manner. Then he continues to spit my favorite bars, “Ever since the seventh grade suspensions, I’ve been on some fuck religion, I believe in me, stacking money up and fuckin’ bitches.” yes he rhymed religion with bitches.

It’s crazy, but not surprising to see how far Vince has come in 4 years, from sporadically killing Odd Future features to XXL Freshman and one of the best lyricist in hip-hop today.

Listen to one of his earliest placements below.

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