Warren G announces “Regulate…G-Funk Era II”

Warren G announces “Regulate…G-Funk Era II”

Long Beach’s G-Funk pioneer Warren G announced the sequel his iconic west coast album “Regulate…G-Funk Era” this afternoon with a new cover, and the release date, slated for August 6th. Along with the release date, he also revealed that this has been in the making for years and there is even unreleased material featuring legendary Long Beach icon Nate Dogg, who passed in 2011. “You will be able to hear unreleased songs with me and Nate. They been asking for years; ever since he passed away and even before he passed away, they wanted music from me and him”, Warren says. “It was a lot to work on records with one of your buddies, one of your best friends who’s not with you anymore.” We’ll bring you the latest news as it comes. —Fatima Baqi

Catch Warren G at the release of Regulate II August 13th at the El Rey Theatre.

and for those of you who need a refresh on who the G-Child is:

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