Blasé: FACE/OFF 2

Blasé: FACE/OFF 2

Ty Dolla $ign and Future made a song together. The first thing I thought was, department of redundancy department. The two singing-rappers are personally some of my favorite artists in hip-hop right now but they remind me too much of each other. They can sing, rap, autotune croon, and song-write better than 99% of their competition. They both sing-rap about, bitches, money, drugs, sing hooks flawlessly, and make me instantly want to listen to a record they are featured on. Yet, when I saw they made a record together I didn’t lose my shit, or get remotely excited, I literally felt blasé. I felt like the two wouldn’t compliment each other since they are so alike. It’s like Jordan and Kobe playing on the same team, they play the same exact position. Yes they’re both great but they’re supposed to compete with each other. When they join forces, they may win, but they’ll probably win by so much, it would be no fun to watch.

Blasé was a win, the streets love it, but I can’t just listen to it and enjoy it. I keep thinking what it was like in the studio, two mirroring men facing off both feeling blasé about the other’s skills and ability to pull women. I want to see the two playing off each other like if they were the new Nicholas Cage and John Travolta respectively. WAIT, FACE/OFF part 2 should be the basis for the music video to Blasé. Rae Sremmurd can be the little boy(s) who get shot at the beginning.


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