Vel the Wonder’s “Stella Rose”

Vel the Wonder’s “Stella Rose”

LA’s up and coming graffiti and microphone extraordinaire Vel the Wonder released a video for her single, “Stella Rose” from her debut album, Laced with Pearls recently. Showcasing her breakdancing, art and emcee skills, the thick-eyeliner sporting songstress raps about the main love of her life, hip-hop, over a smooth, sultry, guitar beat. The video really gives us a day in her life, whether it be her posted with homegirls hitting blackbooks, painting yards, or at a small function tearing it up. While watching the video, you kind of feel like you know her personally or are actually there. Not only are her raps dope, her chords are beautiful as well. The video set me in a state of my own teenage, graffiti filled-nostalgia.
You can check out her music here and follow her on twitter here.

–Fatima Baqi

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