Vince Staples “Summertime 06” Available Now

Vince Staples “Summertime 06” Available Now

Vince Staples’ long awaited debut album Summertime06 is now available for purchase on iTunes and at some fine retailers. I don’t have an actual list of where they’re available (I’m not your mom). I know Amoeba Records in Hollywood has it, Best Buy probably has it, check the one in Lakewood by the mall, it’s always lit.

I strongly encourage you to purchase it on iTunes now and look for the physical copy and buy that too. It’s a fucking double disc, which means two CD’s for the price of one! If you don’t buy both you’re dead to me, you’re fuckin’ Tupac! No, but seriously support local talent fam(s), he’s the best LA emcee not named Kendrick and he is from the 562 area. He’s come a very long way from appearing (and killing) on random features on Odd Future records in 2010.

The album features Future, A$ton Matthews, Joey Fatts and more! Peep the tracklist below.

Disc 1

1. Ramona Park Legend Pt1
2. Lift Me Up
3. Norf Norf
4. Birds & Bees
5. Loca
6. Lemme Know
7. Dopeman
8. Jump off the Roof
9. Señorita
10. Summertime

Disc 2
1. Ramona Park Legend Pt 2
2. 3230
3. Surf
4. Might Be Wrong
5. Get Paid
6. Street Punks
7. Hang N Bang
8. Coldest Nigga Breathing
9. Like It Is
10. ’06

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