Kendrick Lamar: Early Cypher, Interview and Record

Kendrick Lamar: Early Cypher, Interview and Record

Today June 17th is Kendrick Lamar’s 28th Birthday. In honor of the Compton emcees born day we’re showcasing some old footage of Kendrick (at the time K.Dot) battling some other artists notably Dubb at the Nickerson Garden projects in Watts.

We also stumbled across an old interview he did with Dubcnn in 2007 where he reveals he was signed to Def Jam.

I am also sharing the very first verse I heard from Kendrick which was on a song by Game called Cali N*ggaz which was released nearly 10 years ago in 2006. Crazy to see how far he’s came, but it took YEARS of grinding and patience. Congrats on another year of life King Kendrick.


I remember watching this cypher on Myspace and thinking it was so dope. Kendrick and Dubb killed.


This is crazy, he seems like a completely different person now.


“In the summertime n*ggaz don’t go outside without kissing they momma”. This was my favorite song for a very long time. Everyone murked.

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