Jhene Aiko Pays Homage To 2pac on His Birthday

Jhene Aiko Pays Homage To 2pac on His Birthday

Jhene Aiko had an interesting conversation about the late great Tupac Shakur with MTV’s Rob Markman. The phone interview was recorded and split into 4 parts which we placed below. The LA songstress speaks about her fondness for ‘Pac, growing up in LA and always hearing his music, but finally listening in her teen years. After watching Tupac Resurrection in 2003, she became captivated by Shakur and recalls discovering him and his movement relatively late to everyone else she knew. Aiko also shares a story with Rob about the time she was pregnant with her now 6 year old daughter and listening to 2Pac’s Keep Ya Head Up and crying because she felt like he was speaking to her at the exact moment she needed to hear that encouragement. She also touches on her homage-paying photo shoot where her and photographer Danny Williams recreate some of ‘Pac’s iconic photos. Jhene explains the influence he had on her poetic song style and much more. This is an amazing conversational interview where both sides really express their admiration for 2Pac.

Listen and watch her do a live performance of Keep Ya Head Up below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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