TiRon & Ayomari new release is a “Great, New Wonderful”

TiRon & Ayomari new release is a “Great, New Wonderful”

Young California affiliates TiRon & Ayomari released a new, feel good joint recently, and it is a banger! It starts off with “All We Are“, a chill song with some sultry guitar riffs, and the vibe remains the same throughout the entire EP. The joint’s third track “A Million Keys“, however, stood out to me with what sounds like a new twist on a Prince-like sample accompanied by witty raps. It’s quite apparent that these LA natives aren’t afraid to think outside the box, showing completely different styles between the 80’s hip-hop influenced “Get Free, Revolt!” and the 90’s inspired “Them Wallflowers” with guest vocals from Luca Fogale.
The EP is current available here to listen and download.


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