TBT: Nipsey Hussle x Drake “Killer”

TBT: Nipsey Hussle x Drake “Killer”

Nipsey and Drake made a song together?!


I feel like Drake and Nipsey Hussle’s lone collaboration “Killer” is a forgotten record. Killer never appeared on either artist’s official projects. It was just a leak that made it to a few blogs, had a good amount of views on Youtube, but never made a considerable amount of noise for such a dope song from two buzzing artists.

It came out during a point where the two artists were relatively level in the game. In late 2009, Nipsey Hussle was creating a huge following on the west coast and was seen as the next “King of LA”. Drake had released So Far Gone earlier in the year and had an immense amount of buzz and was seen as a bright young star in the making.

6 years later things have changed drastically for the two artists. Nipsey is arguably the “King of Underground” hip-hop scene (along with Curren$y) due to his strong connection with his fan base and ability to drop consistently dope projects with amazing marketing campaigns. Drake is undoubtedly the “King of Mainstream” hip-hop right now (along with Kanye) because of his unprecedented hit-streak and nac for hopping on new artist’s hot records and making them even better (i.e. Tuesday, My Way, Versace). Drizzy and Nip have both killed the game and dominated their lanes for six summers straight, which is what they said they would do on Killer. ILL.

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