Lil Mama joins Kidz Bop 

Lil Mama joins Kidz Bop 

Eggs bacon grits, you better use a condom if you takin that” It’s breakfast chill. Lil Mama just did the most Kidz Bop thing you could do and took a breakfast meal and turned it to a song about safe sex.

Lil Mama, most notably known for walking on stage when Jay Z performed Empire State of mind. If you don’t remember that, then you might remember her only hit single from 2007 “Lip Gloss“. Now with this song she will be remembered for 3 things in her entire career.

It seems to be a reoccurring trend in 2015 to sample viral videos. Lil Mama takes the throne with this song. She incorporated a viral video of girls chanting about taking dick (sausage) as the hook of the song and killed it in a bad way. In the rap game, Lil Mama is Roger from Sister Sister, nobody fucks with her no matter what she does.

At the 1:55 mark she turns into Mary J Blige, literally. Not only did she switch up her voice she even changed her outfit into something MJB wore in another video.

If I was the originator of any of the vines she sampled I would demand some royalties because you know she’ll be able to sell some ringtones off this disastrous song.

Eggs = the balls

Bacon = the shaft

Grits = the cu… Never mind.

Think of that the next time you have breakfast. Thanks Lil Mama. -Scoresayze

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