Dom Kennedy “2 Bad”

Dom Kennedy “2 Bad”

Dom Kennedy (who recently admitted Dom Kennedy is his favorite rapper) is back with his new single “2 Bad” off of his forthcoming album By Dom Kennedy. I’m starting to get the sense that no one enjoys being themselves as much as Dom Kennedy enjoys being Dom Kennedy. But I digress.

2 Bad is the summer smash we expect him to deliver every other year. Dom is telling a young lady he has just encountered that she is too bad (bad as in good looking) not to get to know. We’ve all been there right guys? Except we just wish we said something as we text our friends and tell them you just seen the baddest thing since Mariah Carey in the Heartbreaker video, then later write about it on your blog in a post about Dom Kennedy’s new song. But I digress.

By Dom Kennedy on iTunes June 2nd.

Listen below!

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