Did Yeezy Lie To Us?

Did Yeezy Lie To Us?

Rewind back about a year ago when Yeezus first agreed to partner with Adidas. Remember when he promised that his shoes and his clothes would be affordable and there would be enough to go around? Well, The Almighty Yeezus has lied to his fans. Now we can’t put all the blame on Kanye. Adidas has control of the pricing, but the pricing seems to be outrageous.

Fast forward to Fashion Week when he revealed his YZY Season 1 merch. Every single item that was shown at that show was retailed at $300+. Lets be honest, nobody cares about his clothing because a good majority of it looks like it belongs at a Star Wars Convention.


Now lets talk about his release of his Yeezy Boost, which retailed at an over-priced $350. At first glance not too many people were fond of them in the sneaker community. But over time more and more people started to like them, which created a problem. If everybody wants them, the chances of getting them are slim…


Even though Ye lives out in LA, he showed New York and Paris a lot of love and they got majority of his shoes. Now fast forward to the online release of the Boost’s on Adidas.com. within 45 seconds (No joke) the site crashed and made it nearly impossible to checkout. I guess Adidas wasn’t ready for the amount of traffic Yeezus brought to the site.

The shoes have been out for months, and they have yet to restock. Will they?

In other news, Adidas is releasing his Yeezy Boost Lows next month! Be on the lookout!


I advise you to get a bot so you have a chance of copping a pair.

And if you plan on getting those Adidas Ultra Boost shoes he wore recently, good luck! you’ll need it, or be ready to drop $1k.

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