Post Malone “What’s Up” ft 1st Down

Post Malone “What’s Up” ft 1st Down

Post Malone returns to The Ave with What’s Up featuring 1st Down. This track is more or less a song catered to the women who don’t get enough respect, the side pieces, and casual encounters as Post and 1st slow it down.

This kid LITerally cannot miss! I feel really old calling a 19 year old a kid, but I’m 4 years his senior so I can. I’m still cool though right? I know What’s Up, I listen to Post Malone, Future, Rae Srummurd regularly, I say LIT reguarly, I have a kickass Vape and never wear the same shirt in a picture on IG, I also never check my Facebook, I’m still hip right? Anyways, this shit is LIT, like when I push the little button on my vape. Click below to play!

Rosecrans Vic

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