Pac Div Reunites

Pac Div Reunites

So glad to hear that one of my favorite groups ever Pac Div is reuniting, performing and likely dropping new music together soon. It has been nearly 3 years since their last album GMB was released and the game has desperately been missing them, especially on the west coast. The crew seemed to amicably split to pursue careers as solo artist, but no artist attained the level success the collective group did. The irony in them breaking up was they were one of the biggest musical attractions in LA at a time when LA wasn’t getting as much attention as it should have and since their split in 2012, the city of angels has been at the forefront of hip-hop. The trio will be returning to the stage together Sunday June 7th in Riverside as a part of the 6 year anniversary of the Common Ground, presented by Bricktoyaface. Hopefully we can hear some new shit that sounds a little bit like the track below. Purchase your tickets for the show here.

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