Stevie Crooks “A2H” Video

Stevie Crooks “A2H” Video

Stevie Crooks is addicted to Hennessy. But don’t be alarmed he has it under control, at least enough to shoot a dope video for his new record, A2H. The Murda Moreno Valley emcee is finally gearing up to release his long awaited project Bar Kelly Vol 1 May 21st. It has been nearly three years since his critically acclaimed Cashmere Killer project was released and Stevie comes correct right away, with an intense flow over this menacing beat (that’s what brown liquor will do to ya). If the Henny + apple juice and Coca Cola equals Stevie’s ill bars then maybe he should stay away from the Alcoholic’s Anonymous meetings for the time being and just vent on tracks like these, for our sake.

I drank brown liquor once and thought I was brown Superman so I can relate. Watch below and take a swig.

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