Premiere: 3rd Ave x A$ton Matthews “UOWANNA”

Premiere: 3rd Ave x A$ton Matthews “UOWANNA”

3rd Ave and A$ton Matthews on a track together so you know IT’S FUCKIN’ LIT!!! The two lyrically spar over this menacing beat. A$ton bodies his verse as usual and this beat brought out one of his best 16’s ever, with bar after bar of aggressive gangsta shit. And 3rd more than holds his own with 3 verses of pure fire or should I say latino heat. This is the type of record that plays at a show and forces everyone to lose their shit and begin moshing because they can’t contain their excitement. If you play “UOWANNA” anywhere at anytime it will instantly turn a situation into a lituation. So basically, don’t play this song if uowanna turn the fuck up, but if you do, click play below.

Triquetra coming soon.

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