Snoop Dogg “Bush” Stream & Download

Snoop Dogg “Bush” Stream & Download

Uncle Snoop is back with his much anticipated album BUSH. Now if you were in a coma since 1995, just woke up and are reading this because you want to listen to the best West Coast Gangsta artist out right now you may be so surprised at what you’re hearing that it might knock you back into the said coma (so please listen with caution). For all of us, it is still kind of strange to hear Snoop like this but it has been somewhat of a natural progression, he’s slowly shed his creased khaki suit skin and embraced the character he played in the video for Sensual Seduction.

BUSH is Snoop and Pharrell bringing the funk back and if there is two words that come immediately to mind when thinking of the 1970’s in America it is BUSH and FUNK. This is a 10 track collection of the grooviest tunes you will hear this year. It’s grown folk music, call your auntie, your uncle, your Dad, Mom, Grandpa, everyone will dig this. Spotify users can stream below and you can purchase BUSH here.

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