Omarion “Post To Be” Remix

Omarion “Post To Be” Remix

Omarion is back with the remix to his hugely successful single “Post To Be”. This time around the MMG singer calls on his label boss Ricky Ross, Trey Songz, Ty Dolla $ign, and Dej Loaf who does her own type of “eat the booty like groceries” line. The Detroit rapper says “yo n*gga come close to me, he better eat this pussy appropriately” . Damn, girls are so demanding these days and have no problem saying some shit that was very taboo up until last year, no more metaphors for the lady parts, goodbye kitty, hello PUSSY.

If your lady walked up to you and demanded filatio from you in that manner would you do it? Ladies, is that an appropriate thing for you to tell your man? Men, would you do to Dej Loaf what she suggested you do? Maybe that’s what Loaf’s hit single was actually about, “Let a n*gga try me, try me” like here, have a sample Costco style.

I’m afraid of the future man. The new generation of women are unapologetic in demanding exactly what they want, and using men for it (as men have done since the beginning of time to women). Fellas, can you fathom a world in which after you perform cunnilingus on a woman she gives you dap and says, “thanks fam” . SCARY SHIT.

Oh and listen to the song it’s good.

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