G Funk Supreme “96 Previa” VIDEO

G Funk Supreme “96 Previa” VIDEO
East Long Beach native G Funk Supreme has released a brand new video entitled “‘96 Previa” from his mixtape, Forever and a Day. Instead of glorifying the oh-so popular gang culture that seems to overthrow what most think about the city, he gives a more laid-back approach. The video follows Supreme and his friends around as he spits over what seems to be a J. Dilla type beat inside of Long Beach’s own Fingerprints record shop. Proudly showing off his Khmer heritage with a bold “Cambodia” hat, Supreme spits, “Grade A actors, y’all deserve an Oscar/weak ass rappers, man, you need to step your guard up!”  leaving a lyrical warning to all competition. I hope we have more lyricism coming out from the 562, and cannot wait for what’s in store.
You can download Forever and a Day at www.welcome2forever.squarespace.com & follow him on Instagram @gfunksupreme.
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