League “Cameras II” & “LeagueTho”

League “Cameras II” & “LeagueTho”

Inglewood emcee League has only dropped heat ever since he arrived on the scene, only months ago. He’s quickly making a name for himself in these LA streets and around the world by working with Swedish producer BYANYMEANS. Speaking of which, By produced both “Cameras II” ft KD and “LeagueTho“. Cameras II is a continuation and sample of Drake’s “Cameras” borrowing elements from the record in the hook and throughout but with a dope new League and KD spin on it. LeagueTho is a jazzy, soulful record that League blacks out on. These are both incredible records that are instantly on repeat. Listen below and if you’re in LA catch League performing at the Mani Coolin’ and Niko G4 show May 7th!

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