Snoop Dogg “California Roll” ft Stevie Wonder & Pharrell

Snoop Dogg “California Roll” ft Stevie Wonder & Pharrell

The SN-double-O-P is back on The Ave with the latest and leak off his forthcoming album Bush titled “California Roll” featuring two music icons Pharrell “Skate Board P” Williams and Stevie “My real name sounds like a modern rappers name” Wonder. This record is so silky smooth the Bishop Magic Don Juan actually tried to put this on under his yellow Now & Later shiny suit and collect his hoes money in it! Unfortunately for him, the song is a not a tangible item so that didn’t work. However, Stevie Wonder reportedly sees this as his greatest accomplishment of his May the fourth be with you day, 2015 (just kidding, Stevie didn’t say shit). Listen below and pre-order Snoop’s Bush here, due out May 12th.

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