Post Malone “Too Young”

Post Malone “Too Young”


Post Malone is back on The Ave with another banger, he’s 4/4 so far in his short career. Too Young keeps his career batting average to 1000, as he sings and raps about something all of us can relate to, not wanting to die too young. This record was reportedly influenced by the death of A$AP Yam$ according to a conversation had with the FADER.

Dying too young is definitely a big fear of mine as well, however I am much more afraid of the way I go out no matter what the age is. For example, I do not want to die in a stupid clumsy accident like carbon monoxide poisoning or overdosing on carrot juice like Basil Brown’s dumbass in 1974. I want to go out in a cool fuckin’ way like skydiving from a plane inside my car Furious 7 style.

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