Two Time “Land Of The Zombies” Prod BYANYMEANS

Two Time “Land Of The Zombies” Prod BYANYMEANS

Surging LA artist Two Time is back on The Ave following the very dope “Visions” track with his new banger, “Land of The Zombies“. Two likens himself to a zombie in the dopest way possible. In the Land of The Zombies, he tells these hoes, to give him brain for he is a zombie and it is necessary to his existence that he gets brain from her, very persuasive argument. Aside from that, the record has incredible bars over a booming beat provided by producer BYANYMEANS. Listen below at full volume!

Also, if you want to trip out a bit watch Michael Jackson’s Thriller video (starting from the 2:00 mark) on mute and turn this shit up and it fits perfectly.

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