Avenue Interviews Low

Avenue Interviews Low

Oregon artist Low recently dropped “Down” one of the hottest records I have heard from a new artist in a long time that features Inglewood’s own Skeme. After digging deeper into his catalogue, I discovered the rest of his records sounded nothing like the wavy, auto-tuned record that drew me in. Low’s other records contain serious content and real life raps influenced by some of hip-hop’s most prestigious emcees. With this interview, I discovered his many layers and how his humble beginnings and experiences have shaped the way he creates his music and views his future.

Low, what was the music scene like in your hometown in Oregon? Was there a big emphasis on hip hop culture in your area?

There’s a scene here jus like there is any where . Dudes are hungry too . After moving out of Seaside (near Portland and Washington) I’ve been living in the Southern Oregon area so It’s jus hard to be seen unless you’re on an opening act for someone with a name already or have a lot of homies backing you. A lot of the time you have to move out to really be heard and respected. That’s what I’ve seen happening more and more and I’ve even had to do, to connect with the people I have.

Can you describe the exact moment when you decided to pursue music seriously? Or was it more of a gradual progression?

I was like 19 or 20 and I did a show at Southern Oregon University with all of my closest people in the crowd, and everyone was goin’ crazy. It was a euphoric feeling. I knew in that moment I wanted to do this forever.
What are some venues or festivals that are on your performing bucket list?
There’s a lot of places I wanna go perform I can’t even narrow it down. Anywhere with a good crowd. I’ll put on a show in a garage or a stadium, as long as there’s a dope crowd of people showing love I’m straight.

Can you name any particular artists or movements that inspired you to make music growing up?

Pac was actually why I started writing when I was 11. I had a crazy childhood and the emotion he’d speak in the majority of his songs had me in my notebook writing songs in class instead of taking notes. And Eminem, DMX , Jay-Z . That was really All I was listening to back then .

I can totally see those influences in those influences on your introspective tracks like “Let Me Go”, but on tracks such as “Down” who or what would you say influences those type of records?
Exactly. I’ve always used music the same way. From the heart.
Honestly, me and Skeme were been Vibin’ to some of his newer songs while we were in the studio. He was in the studio with young thug just before that in Atlanta and he played me some of his (Skeme) tracks, I stopped it and said, “lets do something”. That was my 1st auto tune track ever. It was something new .

That’s crazy, Down was definitely a good look for both of you guys. Speaking of Skeme though, this isn’t the first time you’ve worked with him, how did you first connect with him? Were you a fan of his music before you recorded with him?

I was in the 60s (naybahood) doing a light hustle to just to be in LA and was kickin’ it with Overdoz at the time. Somebody that I didn’t know came to the house to smoke. He liked my music and he knew a lot of people. He mentioned (he knew) Odd Future, Casey Veggies, and Problem. I asked (him) about Skeme and he said he knew him; two days later I’m at his cousin Baron Davis’ house recording a track. Skeme was actually an influence of mine when I just started taking it serious and now we’re fam, so it’s crazy how it all worked out.

What can you tell us about the album? what kind of records, features or producers do you wanna work with?

Got another track on there with Skeme called ‘Pray’. It’s one of the first tracks I actually wrote for the project. I produce a few on there too. Me and Sean Momberger are working a little more. The beats I produce are some of my first beats ever so I’m curious how people are gonna react to ’em. I’m really not particular on who it is I work with, but more concerned with the sound. If I don’t feel it I’m not gonna use it.

Where in the world do you see yourself at this time next year? (Geographically and careerwise)

I’ll be in Portland for the next year for sure. I make trips to LA to network so it’s nothing to get places (when you’re) out in PDX. Career wise, I’m just hoping to be one of those guys you can hear the name and be like, “Ya I’ve heard of him”. I’m gonna be dropping my next project Beautiful Mess this summer, so I’m hoping that brings my name closer to the surface a little more.

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