Vic Mensa – “U Mad” ft. Kanye West

Vic Mensa – “U Mad” ft. Kanye West

Chicago rapper Vic Mensa, formerly from the hip-hop/blues band Kids These Days, has released what is believed to be a single titled “U Mad” featuring Kanye West for what seems to be an upcoming project. Most people were first introduced to Vic when Kanye’s fashion show opened with “Wolves” and he was featured on it, but Vic has been making waves in hip-hop for a minute, along with fellow Chicago native and close friend Chance the Rapper. The track features a grand beat which is produced by Kanye and touches on the theme of haters. Vic spits the line “I be catchin’ too many stares this evening” while Kanye says “I should hire this bitch, she so damn good at Photoshop”. Shots fired? You decide. But not until you listen below.

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