Swade “All That” Prod Cardec

Swade “All That” Prod Cardec

Tallahassee, Florida native Swade dropped nostalgic crack to all millennials ears yesterday with a record called “All That“. Producer Cardec sampled the classic 90’s theme song to the wildly popular Nickelodeon sketch show “All That” originally performed by TLC. Swade has cold bars to accompany his cool flow throughout to do this insanely ill beat justice.

This really is, all that, Earboy would definitely appreciate hearing this, that fat girl providing you with vital information would fux with this, Keenan and Kel, Nick Cannon and Amanda Bynes, all those cast-members who grew up to be crazy motherfuckers would love this. If you don’t play this at least 3 times, you have no soul.  Listen below!

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